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                     "The nicest things about working with Valerie are that she's honest and caring."
                               Ann S.

                                          What our clients have to say

"She was warm-hearted about it.  She cared."

          Mrs. Nauss

"Thanks for helping us with this huge transition - I can't begin to imagine where we would be without your work!"

          Adrienne K.

"We had our house on the market with our agent for 126 days.  When it didn't sell we called Valerie and it was just like on TV!  She brought in a crew and totally transformed the look of the place, and we only had to do a few modifications.

We sold the house in 25 days."
Sunny D. and Dan G.

"Valerie is the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable right away.  She asked the right questions; showed the proper concern. So it was a matter of comfort and also knowing she was on top of details and had the breadth of experience to handle this type of transaction."

          Mr. Cushing

"You've been an enormous help, and I wish I'd gotten started with you earlier.  I really expected a longer haul with the market the way it is.  I never expected it to sell in just one day. Wow!"

       Gary E. November 2011

"My house was sold and closed in about a month.  We had three offers and were all signed around in just over a week.

That's pretty impressive given that the sale occurred in December 2008, in the middle of our 'grave' economic downturn.  The house was priced right, but I believe that getting a large number of prospective buyers to view the property, then giving them a really good first impression, was very important.  Valerie gave very helpful suggestions about what to fix up, what to remove, what colors to choose, and how to stage the house.  After staging, the house was professionally photographed.  She had all the right professionals ready to help. 

Despite the large number of comparable houses on the market a lot of people came for a look.  I'm sure the widely published photographs and the well worded property description were key to getting many of the buyers to come take a look.  Valerie made it clear that if you can get a lot of people interested you're more likely to have someone make a good offer."

          Tom H.

"I live in Oregon so getting up to the house to deal with my mom's things was pretty hard.  My sisters had different ideas on how we should do things.

Valerie took care of everything, and helped me work with my sisters."

          Mr. Barker

"She makes what is a very complicated, complex process extremely easy.  She did all of the work, so it was a no-brainer for us.

And she obviously enjoys what she's doing, and that made it a lot easier for us."

          Mr. & Mrs. Guiste

"Oh, I didn't know you took care of appraisals and estate sales, too.  This is just wonderful!"

          Becky M.

"You helped me do the things with the house that I'd always wanted to, but couldn't do while I was married.  That's really helped me let go.  Thank you!"

           S. Smith

"In my experience it's really about emotions.  It's about feeling ready; and getting the house ready can be an overwhelming task.  Valerie has a really great service."

       DeAnne Sposari, M&T Mortgage

"The first agents I talked to said I could sell my parents' house for between $375,000 and $400,000 but my lawyer suggested I consult with Valerie before listing.  She helped me establish a budget for repairs and staging.  Then she had all these workers come in and just do it.

After she got done doing her thing it sold for $444,950."
        A. McCool

"I have six siblings.  Some of my brothers didn't agree with the decisions I was making.

The sheer amount of personal things to go through and decide what to do about them was overwhelming.  I live in California and would've had to take time off work to do it all.

Valerie did everything.  I could still make the choices I wanted to make, but with her help I didn't have to research every little thing. She had people there who could do all the work."

        Victoria A.

"She was very nice and I felt very relaxed with her right away.  She really went out of her way to meet my needs.  She understood what I wanted, and that made it easier for me."

          Susan T.

"When I lost my [grown] son I really didn't know where to turn.  My lawyer suggested I call Valerie, and she was just wonderful.

I don't drive anymore, so she took care of  everything  for me.  She even delivered my son's ashes to me.  I don't know what I'd have done without her."
 Mrs. Mardon

"After Mom died we could really see how much work the house needed.  The deck needed major repair work to make it safe, the carpets were dated, and the house just needed spiffing up.  I grew up in the house, so I let Valerie do what she felt necessary and in our budget.

If we'd sold as-is, we probably would have listed at $275,000 but there was enough in Mom's estate to put some money into repairs.  We sold the house for $369,759 and made an extra $74,623."  
Mrs. Thelen

"The house was for sale for 84 days and still didn't sell.  Then I called Valerie.  She sent me several consultants who showed me that moving a few things around and painting here and there would make it more appealing.

Valerie got the house sold the house in 9 days.  We had 5 offers."
        V. Murphy

"We had the house on market for 186 days.  When it didn't sell, our lawyer recommended we call Valerie.

She brought in her team and took care of everything. 

We sold the house in 75 days."

V. Crest and W. Bell

"Dad wasn't able to take care of the place after Mom died, so when I had to sell their house there was a lot to do.  I didn't even know where to start.

The place looked great after Valerie got done. It sold in 24 days for $16,000 more than asking price."

Mr. Wills

"I found Valerie to be most professional and helpful in the sale of residential real estate which was an asset of a most difficult estate."

        Thomas J. Taaffe, Attorney at Law

"I've known Valerie for a number of years both professionally and personally.  In both areas she embodies the highest possible standards.  Getting the job done is not good enough for Valerie:
She's outstanding."

Stacey L. Romberg, Attorney at Law

"Ms. Journey demonstrates the professionalism and compassion one would desire in probate transactions."

        Keith T. McClelland, Attorney at Law

"Valerie does a fabulous job, and I just love working with her and being part of her team.  She really knows how to pull it all together and has a great sense of what updates are needed for marketing and what would be unnecessary.  And she knows when to stop."

          Maren Harrington, Backdrop Staging

"You went above and beyond what I expected and I appreciated your efforts."

        P. Rice

"After working with Valerie I would recommend her above anyone else."

        Susan T.


               "Thank you so much for all the work you did for us on the quick sale of our house"

                             Mr. & Mrs. Senna