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            We eliminate the overwhelm
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                                "It's nice to know we have you there taking care of us."

Mr. & Mrs. Royce


Seattle Office
Valerie Journey
c/o Law Offices
10751 Densmore Ave N
Seattle WA 98133

(206) 713-4663

He was my hero and the inspiration for my own business, Transitions Consulting. It just made so much sense.  Long before his media stunts he sold used cars on the side of the road. He figured out that if he gave them a tune-up and a wax job he sold his old cars faster and for more money. I thought he'd live forever. RIP, Cal.

  "I think above all  Valerie's honest, she's very thorough, she's pleasant, and I would look forward to
      working with her again if situations dictate."                 

              Mr. Cushing